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due to technical difficulties, we’ve moved the blog over to http://9sr.tumblr.com/ .  Join Duck, Fancey and Senor Nick for all thangs muzak.  


Four Friday Videos

Some recent history favorites today.

The Wombats – Anti D

I’ve posted this next one before, but at the risk that one of our 7 regular followers missed it… One of my all time favorite videos.
Wolf Parade – Yulia

Wil3y – Numbers In Action

Lana Del Rey – Video Games

                                                   Bonus Vid

I’m headed to Cabo tomorrow for a week of surfing and marlin hunting. Yes, I know Shakira’s not Mexican, but this one’s pretty much a joke anyway. However, if I happen across something down there that looks like the brunette wig sporting Shakira in this video…adios and vaya con dios, kiddies.
Shakira – Rabiosa for Duck 

The Four Friday Archive

Four Friday Videos 8/12/2011

On repeat: Active Child

Gave a head nod to Pat Grossi last month, but this track deserves a post of its own:

Thick, dripping beats, with cascading synths, and some futuristic-90s slow jam vocals to make it seem so familiarly unheard of.  The debut album for Active Child, You Are All I See came out yesterday.  Running to Amazon to buy it right now.  From Filter

It may have been a relatively short period in his childhood, but Pat Grossi’s experience as a world-touring choirboy is something that has stuck with the L.A.-based songwriter. As Active Child, his full-length debut shimmers with a mixture of electronic textures, angelic harp work and layered falsetto vocals—all with the kind of choral grandeur that feels like it’s coming straight through a stained-glass window. With the influx of worshippers only getting stronger these days, Active Child is a welcome addition to the pulpit.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us

Macklemore’s new track with Ryan Lewis.

If you’re not familiar with Macklemore, he’s your run of the mill hip-hop artist…of Irish decent…from Seattle. That’s sarcasm for, ‘he’s pretty damn unique’. I don’t want to sound wholly ignorant to the Northwest hip-hop culture Continue reading