A few friends of mine from growing up on the hard streets of Peachtree Corners are playing for their first time (in this group) at the Earl on Friday, August 5th. The band developed quite the teaser for the event and I’d like to give a headnod to whoever created the video. Check out their website here. Click the teaser below:

Mountain Lion is also playing and I would definitely check this band out too.  Kinda of a Band of Horses vibe but I really like it and it’s free so what the hay? 



i just found a video that tours what will be the new Wrecking Bar Brewpub located in little five that is set to open in “early 2011”. if you don’t know about it take a look at their website http://www.wreckingbarbrewpub.com (i suck at hyperlinks). pretty sure it isn’t opening for a little while but like i said, i found a video that tours the pub and it’s full of potential. the upstairs is an old antique store and is being made into an events facility, and my hope is that they’ll have some decent bands there.


so i was leaving the inman park festival on saturday and the walked past the wonder rut stage and a band of some young kids were playing some loud music, music that was kind of out of place at this festival. i mean that in the best way possible, they were getting after it, super intense and were playing to the crowd. i watched several songs and liked what i saw of their live show, even when the bassist/trumpet player threw his drink on some old white guy trying to play trumpet with the band. it was pretty funny. i found one of their songs i heard live on youtube. a clip from rolling stone compared them to a full band outkast and i agree with that after watching their live show. this song doesn’t feature them rapping but others showcased that side of the band. they are playing this saturday, may 7th at smith’s olde bar for 500 Songs For Kids, i might have to check them out again.


the beastie boys recently announced their release of a new album on may 3rd, as with any new album now-a-days there are a variety of ways you can purchase it. they even went so far as to create a trailer for a fake movie starring different crews of beastie boys that stars pretty much everyone i’ve seen in a comedy movie since caddyshack, it’s pretty funny though and contains some of the new music which sounds pretty dope. looking forward to their first release since 2007, check out the trailer below.

songs i’m currently listening to

the title really says it all.

empire of the sun – walking on a dream (kids at the bar remix)

wu lyf – split it concrete like the colden sun god
*big ups to my old roommate, c-rob, for finding this one

unkle – the answer (trentemoller remix)

geographer – kites

there is also a remix of geographer – kites by the limousines that is pretty fresh, if you’re into it.