On Repeat: Hello Echo

Downloaded Hello Echo’s debut Hello in May of this year.  Two months later I can say there is a 8 in 10 chance that this will be the first track I play when I pick up my IPod:

Hello Echo – “Disconnect Me”

One review columnist from p4K‘s take on this track:

The best piece of pure songwriting is the quiet, country-tinged “Disconnect Me”, which backs Aylward’s nearly twangy lead vocal with spectral, wordless harmonies and just a few well-placed electric guitar accents.

That “Disconnect Me” succeeds so well without Aylward’s guitar dominating it is a good sign for the band’s future and potential to branch out. And I do hope they get the chance to branch out. Hello is a very solid debut by a band with plenty of talent– it’s not often I wind up spending so much of an indie rock review talking about a particular player’s instrumental style, but Aylward really seems to have found his own voice on the guitar.

Aylward and his guitar almost form a vocal duet.  Next time you are in a 85/75 Connector traffic jam, roll the windows tight and turn the volume full blast on this one and forget that you even have time to waste.


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