Upcoming: Real Estate

The surprisingly west-coast-sounding New Jersans are releasing their sophomore follow up to their critically-acclaimed self-titled 2009 debut.  Here is the first released track off of the new album Days:

From their record-label Domino’s site:

New Jersey’s Real Estate are to release a new album,Days, on Tuesday October 18th, 2011. Recorded in Upstate New York through the late winter/spring of 2011 with Kevin McMahon (The Walkmen, Titus Andronicus),Days is a gorgeous suite of timelessly melodic, achingly melancholy pop songs and a delightfully confident follow-up to 2009’s exceptionally well-received eponymous debut. Comprised of nine new recordings and a revisit of last year’s enduringly wonderful “Out of Tune” standalone single, Days is the next step in the career of a uniquely close songwriting collective that feel more important with their every release.

Always appreciate music that seems effortless while booking your bus ticket to a totally different locale.  “Budweiser, Sprite, do you feel alright….?”


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