Upcoming: Two Gallants

The ability of a two-man outfit to produce deep, rich, anti-low-fi, non-street-musician performances is a rare one, and one the San Fransciscan duo of Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel have mastered.  One guitar, drums, occasional harmonica and some ardent vocals is all they need.  It’s been since 2007 since they released new material, but looks to be that will change soon according to the band’s website:

so we’ve spent the last month locked away in dark seclusion, writing new songs, rewriting old ones, rearranging other people’s, and now we have just a couple days before we leave home for the first time together in three years. we’ll be touring the west coast in the second half of June, europe in July and to avoid seeming insensitive to the requests to those of you in the eastern parts of these united states, we’re happy to announce a US tour in september….

That tour includes a stop at the Drunken Unicorn in ATL on Saturday, Sept. 17th.  No word on whether their seclusion has generated a potential new album, but look forward to some new material from 2GS, at least on tour, and in the meantime here are two of my favorites from their catalogue.


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