The Whitest Boy Alive.

What started out as a side project for Erlend Øye, from The Kings of Convenience, has quickly turned into one of my favorite bands in the past few years.  The Whitest Boy Alive (“TWBA”) will turn even the most conservative corporate lemming into a Toms wearing, vintage 10-speed riding, fluorescent framed sun-glass wearing, sleeve tattooed neo-hipster.

TWBA’s first album “Dreams” (2006) was a minimalist yet catchy compilation of songs that you can guarantee at least several people lost their virginity to.  The follow up album, “Rules” (2009) truly showcases Erlend’s versatility and lives up to TWBA’s original aspiration of as a electronic-dance music side-project.  While “Dreams” set the bar high, “Rules” drops the hammer (if such hammer could be dropped in a room slowly filling with guile and carbon-monoxide).  Both albums play brilliantly from start to finish and needs no fastidious supervision.  Unfortunately, rare is the day that TWBA makes it over the pond from Germany, but…there’s always Christmas.  Come on in, the water’s luke…prepare to get motor-boated by the new Caucasian in the house:

This track will get the juices flowing…”1517″ off of Rules:

“Burning” from Dreams

“Golden Cage” from Dreams

Until the day I can see them live…”Don’t Give Up” in Belfast.


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