growing up I remember a few things about my padre in the summer. he owned an old convertible vw beetle (that i wish he still had) and would listen to music with the brains blown out on nicer days. some of the bands i remember are pete townshend, manfred mann’s earth band, the fixx, and peter gabriel. anyway, it’s a bit nostalgic for me when i hear old pete gabriel.

the cd, released last february, consisted of a bunch of covers set to a symphonic orchestra, which i usually enjoy. the song my body is a cage, originally recorded by arcade fire is my favorite and i heard it for the first time the other day. in general, i think the cd was a bit of a reach, although this song does it for me. after the 2:30 mark it feels as if a climax of events is near, like how i felt when i watched shawshank redemption or inception. check it out, you may have to click the link to watch it on youtube.


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