Didn’t You Kill My Brother?

Nearly the weekend (yet only halfway through my workday), I have reached the point of no return.  Yes, I have reached that forbidden state of mind that haunts employers the world over…that moment of ultimate truth and self realization, whereby one comes to accept that absolutely no more work will get done today.  There is no going back.  No quick projects, no emails, no nothing.  I am done.  I might as well leave, but for the fact that I need to keep this job.  So…out of self survival, I have become adept at the art of looking very busy, all the while fervently scouring the internet for mind-numbing entertainment and debasing diversion.  So, after many close calls and interruptions, here is the fruit of my labor. Enjoy….

P.S.  I would pay good money to see a cover of this, choreography and all.

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About Bighead

Artist, photographer, musician...and the other 98% of the time practice law because it is like running a 5k in wet, sandy jeans. I can thank ADD and unicorns for my musical taste. Weagle weagle.

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