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due to technical difficulties, we’ve moved the blog over to http://9sr.tumblr.com/ .  Join Duck, Fancey and Senor Nick for all thangs muzak.  


September ATL Show Preview

Highlights on the show front this month:

Mon., 9/5:  Active Child with Com Truise at The Earl

Tues., 9/6:  John Vanderslice with Richard Parsons at Eddie’s Attic

Wed., 9/7-8:  Deadmau5 with Excision at The Tabernacle

Thurs., 9/8:  The Dodos with Superchunk at Buckhead Theatre

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On repeat: Active Child

Gave a head nod to Pat Grossi last month, but this track deserves a post of its own:

Thick, dripping beats, with cascading synths, and some futuristic-90s slow jam vocals to make it seem so familiarly unheard of.  The debut album for Active Child, You Are All I See came out yesterday.  Running to Amazon to buy it right now.  From Filter

It may have been a relatively short period in his childhood, but Pat Grossi’s experience as a world-touring choirboy is something that has stuck with the L.A.-based songwriter. As Active Child, his full-length debut shimmers with a mixture of electronic textures, angelic harp work and layered falsetto vocals—all with the kind of choral grandeur that feels like it’s coming straight through a stained-glass window. With the influx of worshippers only getting stronger these days, Active Child is a welcome addition to the pulpit.


New release: The Horrors

With the release of Brits The Horrors third EP this week stateside, its refreshing to be noting something positive London has given the world.  Skying is not music to start a riot to, but is filled with plenty of its own angst and emotion.  Background layers of textured synth deepen the languid vocals and drum beats of what the sources say were a “garage band” once upon a time.

From NPR’s First Listen:

On The Horrors’ stunning new album, Skying, the band has metamorphosed into a shimmery and wildly emotive band. Its desire to sound epic recalls the early, Eno/Lanois-produced U2 and Tears for Fears albums, and like those records, Skying is bold, lush and big. “Still Life,” “Dive In” and “Endless Blue” flit and weave about on echoing waves of guitars, chugging drum cracks and anthemic vocal hooks, but the real stunner here is “You Said,” one of the most enchanting and summery songs of the year so far.

NME, who named Primary Colours, the band’s sophomore effort, 2009 Album of the Year–gives Skying a 8 out of 10.  Stream it over at Stereogum by clicking here.  

Upcoming: Real Estate

The surprisingly west-coast-sounding New Jersans are releasing their sophomore follow up to their critically-acclaimed self-titled 2009 debut.  Here is the first released track off of the new album Days:

From their record-label Domino’s site:

New Jersey’s Real Estate are to release a new album,Days, on Tuesday October 18th, 2011. Recorded in Upstate New York through the late winter/spring of 2011 with Kevin McMahon (The Walkmen, Titus Andronicus),Days is a gorgeous suite of timelessly melodic, achingly melancholy pop songs and a delightfully confident follow-up to 2009’s exceptionally well-received eponymous debut. Comprised of nine new recordings and a revisit of last year’s enduringly wonderful “Out of Tune” standalone single, Days is the next step in the career of a uniquely close songwriting collective that feel more important with their every release.

Always appreciate music that seems effortless while booking your bus ticket to a totally different locale.  “Budweiser, Sprite, do you feel alright….?”

Featuring the A: Gold-Bears

“Pop” is such an overused and largely meaningless word in the music industry now.  Connotations of sugary, overplayed radio music is what I think of.  Others assign it to anything that is upbeat and relatively concise.  As much as I loathe the word, there are some things that just can’t be passed without the moniker, and Atlanta’s Gold-Bears are such an outfit.  In this instance, it is a positive connotation to me, since–as Brooklyn Vegan puts it–they have an “ability to mix sweet melodies with roaring guitars” that produces succinct, uplifting foot-stompers.  p4K gave them a 7.6 for their debut (as Ronamo would say “NTS”), and the first track is a definite summer playlist selection:

HT to @ChadRad and Crib Notes for introducing us to these local jewels.