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Four Friday Videos

Some recent history favorites today.

The Wombats – Anti D

I’ve posted this next one before, but at the risk that one of our 7 regular followers missed it… One of my all time favorite videos.
Wolf Parade – Yulia

Wil3y – Numbers In Action

Lana Del Rey – Video Games

                                                   Bonus Vid

I’m headed to Cabo tomorrow for a week of surfing and marlin hunting. Yes, I know Shakira’s not Mexican, but this one’s pretty much a joke anyway. However, if I happen across something down there that looks like the brunette wig sporting Shakira in this video…adios and vaya con dios, kiddies.
Shakira – Rabiosa for Duck 

The Four Friday Archive

Four Friday Videos 8/12/2011


Handsome Furs

Dan Boeckner, of Wolf Parade and Atlas Strategic fame, along with his wife, Alexei Perry are Handsome Furs. The above was Repatriated off their third and most recent album, Sound Kapital. Download it here. 

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us

Macklemore’s new track with Ryan Lewis.

If you’re not familiar with Macklemore, he’s your run of the mill hip-hop artist…of Irish decent…from Seattle. That’s sarcasm for, ‘he’s pretty damn unique’. I don’t want to sound wholly ignorant to the Northwest hip-hop culture Continue reading

MTV turned 30

August 1, 1981: Ronald Reagan was in his first summer as President, I had a diaper full, and MTV was born.

Check out one of my favorite blogs, Stereogum – where they’ve posted the first hour of MTV. Pretty entertaining as it includes the original tv commercials, and the first VJ’s in all the glory of their gender-neutral perms. First Hour of MTV. Fun fact– If you actually watched this first hour of MTV, then you lived in New Jersey.

First Video ever shown: The Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star.

(Reality TV killed the Video Star?)

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