Featuring the A: Gold-Bears

“Pop” is such an overused and largely meaningless word in the music industry now.  Connotations of sugary, overplayed radio music is what I think of.  Others assign it to anything that is upbeat and relatively concise.  As much as I loathe the word, there are some things that just can’t be passed without the moniker, and Atlanta’s Gold-Bears are such an outfit.  In this instance, it is a positive connotation to me, since–as Brooklyn Vegan puts it–they have an “ability to mix sweet melodies with roaring guitars” that produces succinct, uplifting foot-stompers.  p4K gave them a 7.6 for their debut (as Ronamo would say “NTS”), and the first track is a definite summer playlist selection:

HT to @ChadRad and Crib Notes for introducing us to these local jewels.


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