With Panda Bear’s new release dropping yesterday, there has been a glut of coverage, picks and praise.  Noah Lennox, PB’s original ego, is an indie-darling, and deservedly so based on his Animal Collective efforts and his last album, Person Pitch.  Instead of re-hashing the new album or salivating over AnC0 once again, I thought I’d clip a few of Lennox’s other “projects” outside of his more readily known alter egos paths:

…singing duo with ATL’s own Bradford Cox (Atlas Sound)….

…singing lead for Ducktails (Matt Mondanile of Real Estate‘s project) on Killin’ the Vibe….

…and harmonizing with Taken by Trees (who also covered AnCo’s “My Girls”)…

…and with Pantha du Prince….

…and remixing Notwist songs…

…and finally, just being audiophiles like us and making the ultimate mix tape…

Stream: Animal Collective’s All Tomorrow’s Parties Mix


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