Sunday morning reprieve: Headlights – Some Racing, Some Stopping

Weekly post which features some downtempo, lo-fi, soothing, and/or low maintenance music which will hopefully side well with your Java Monster, almond croissant, and an issue of Cat Fancy, to refresh and revitalize you after a long night of snipehunting, potato-gun target practice, and/or consuming some of that tea you and Lapsang got when you were climbing the Mayan ruins–or just a few too many Schlitz-es, whatever your bag is.  We are not judging.

Headlights hails from Champaign, Illinois and are signed to Polyvinyl Records.  Their second full length album Some Racing, Some Stopping, released in 2008, is a pleasant, melancholy mix of high pitched, whispered melodies and lots of glockenspiel.  Although totally home recorded, the production of this album will surprise you, but it will definitely make home feel a little more comfortable as you recover this morning.  Try “Cherry Tulips”, “Get Your Head Around It”, and “January”.


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