Sunday morning reprieve: Quiet Village – Silent Movie

Weekly post which features some downtempo, lo-fi, soothing, and/or low maintenance music which will hopefully side well with your vanilla chai latte, Six-Pound Frittata, and the latest edition of The Economist, to refresh and revitalize you after a long night of jousting at the local Medieval Times, harrassing of local Burger King employees, and/or keyboard duster intake–or just a few too many Smirnoff Ices, whatever your bag is.  We are not judging.

Quiet Village is largely a sampling venture which combines an array of sounds, but largely 70s funk and a heavy dose of movie score string and horn instrumentals.  The album Silent Movie flits back and forth between thick base lines and and escalating orchestration, but the key for you on a recovery morning is the “sun-baked, slow-moving codeine-disco vibe” that P4K so elegantly described in their 8.1 review of this 2008 album.  Makes me think of some of DJ Shadow’s more peculiar and down-paced stuff.  Try out “Keep on Rolling”, “Victoria’s Secret”, and “Pacific Rhythm”.  Enjoy y’all. 


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