Lord Huron

Part Fleet Foxes, part Animal Collective, part Rusted Root, lots of instrumentation and echoing, ethereal vocals, his highness Huron has created an amazing wall of sound in his self-released EPs, Mighty and Into the Sun.  Like Fleet Foxes, his songs take you to a distant, potentially mythical time and place, as if you were a seven-year old reading your soon to be favorite fairy tale for the first time.  His artwork on his website, album covers and other paraphernalia illustrates such a journey.  Like AnCo, you are not sure where the next sound is coming from as he howls at you from the next room.  And, most surprisingly, like Rusted Root, the onslaught of tribal like melodies and beats will get you moving around, especially on songs like “Mighty”, which is available for free download at LH’s website.  Cannot imagine what this guy is like live, or how he does it, but hope he visits us on the East Coast soon.

Aquarium Drunkard on LH

Spinner puts LH in Top 100 of SXSW

Paste, Best of What’s Next:  Lord Huron


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