Sunday morning reprieve: Tyler Ramsey – A Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea

First edition of a weekly post which will feature some downtempo, lo-fi, soothing, and/or low maintenance music which will hopefully side well with your grande mochachino, spinach & salmon quiche, and the Sunday paper, to refresh and revitalize you after a long night of glow-stick dancing, uprooting of your neighbor’s shrubbery, and/or crystal meth intake–or just a few too many white zinfandels, whatever your bag is.  We are not judging.

Tyler Ramsey is a singer-songwriter based out of Asheville, NC, who’s debut album, the aforementioned A Long Dream, was released in 2008.  You may know him as the lead guitarist for Band of Horses, and this album extends on some of the more softer, contemplative musings of that act, reminding this writer of Sun Kil Moon.  This largely acoustic, slow-paced production is the perfect background music for a relaxed morning on the back porch as you question how the various cuts and bruises on your lower torso were incurred the night before.  Favorites include “A Long Dream”, “Ships”, “No One Goes Out”, and “Once in Your Life”.  And watch for the last track including the sound of the surf crashing, surely to be a frequent feature on the reprieve.  Enjoy the peace.


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