throw me for a loop

First, found this on All Songs Considered’s blog and thing it is pretty tough:

tUnE-yArDs (led by Merrill Garbus here and drummer Nathaniel Brenner) flaunts their word music flair here with a minimalist interpretation of “Doorstep” in the Marais district square in Paris.  What caught my attention was the use of digital delay pedal to loop the vocals, which got me thinking about other artists I have seen use this method to otherwise enhance a personal performance.

The most impressive use of this method I have seen live of this is multi-instrumentalist Owen Pallett f/k/a Final Fantasy.  Watched him open for The National this past fall at the Fox Theatre and was taken a back by his screaming into his violin for effect while a loop of his previous riff played in the background.

Got a chance to speak with him selling his own t-shirts after the show and he was very gracious and confirmed for me that every indie artist’s favorite stop in the Southeast is The Bottletree.

I have to admit, the first time I saw Andrew Bird I thought to myself “this guy is selling enough albums to get a band to tour with him, right?”  But he knows what he is doing, and it’s just easier to work/talk/sleep with computers.

That’s all I got for now (other than Howie Day, which I couldn’t bear to post…oops, just did), but comment below if you have some more.


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