Jason Isbell sings of JaMarcus Russell’s Muse

Former Drive-By Trucker, permanent Muscle Shoals native, and current leader of The 400 Unit, Jason Isbell, will be dropping his third album (Here We Rest) bearing his own name on April 12th through Nashville based Lightning Rod Records.

The early word is the album reaches the promise Isbell showed as a songwriter with the Truckers, that isn’t to say Sirens of the Ditch or the 400 Unit album were bad, some really good songs came from these efforts, they just weren’t quite there yet as Isbell gained his footing as a full-time front man.

The first single, Codeine, may or may not be an ode to purple drink, but its unique arrangement shows much promise and further depth from a band that is meshing.

Recorded in the Shoals, the 11 song track list will look something like this:

1.) Alabama Pines
2.) Go It Alone
3.) We’ve Met
4.) Codeine
5.) Stopping By
6.) Daisy Mae
7.) The Ballad Of Nobeard
8.) Never Could Believe
9.) Heart On A String
10.) Save It For Sunday
11.) Tour Of Duty

The supporting tour has stops in Atlanta on April 14th at The Earl and Nashville on the 16th at the 5 Spot. Peep the full tour HERE and find your way to him somewhere that serves beverages for grown ups.

Enjoy some classic Isbell as before you go:


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