Origin of Dayton, Ohio – Based in Nashville, TN – First record deal with Island Records, which was founded in Jamaica – but now based in the U.K….vocalist / guitarist Nick Brown, guitarist Jordan Young, drummer Vince Gard with Zach Lindsey on bass are Mona. And their travels are about to land them a household name (assuming your house isn’t hip enough to be digging these guys already).

I won’t be the first to compare their sound to KOL (Coming through on Teenager the strongest, IMO – below), but it would be silly not to move past that quickly. Their look is somewhere between James Dean and Elvis – 50’s/60’s, which is driven home in their videos by directing badass, Jordan Noel, showcasing tri-chevy dragsters, Marilyn, Ali, Vargas pin-up era beauties, and enough Dapper Dan to slide the train right past the station.

Nov. 2010 was the moment they were able to tell American girls, “We’re huge in Europe”     Presented on BBC talk show- ‘Later… with Jools Holland’ (Think Letterman with even worse teeth). Shortly after, they made BBC’s ‘Sound of 2011’ poll, a solid barometer of strong newcomers. Going on to toss out their first single, in the U.K. of course, on indie label Zion Noiz Recordings…these guys are pretty much writing the book on creating street cred.   The respect here at home has been growing steadily – As I type, they’re selling out of t-shirts at SXSW. Mona’s self-titled debut album releases in the UK: 16 May 2011 and for us Yanks: 17 June. A fair and just one month punishment for not being hip to them first.



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