I’M NEW HERE! and also a mash-up mix!

hey….i’m being wordpress deflowered with this post so be gentle, oh so gentle. i’m no master yet though my force is strong so bear with me. anyways, I can’t figure out how to embed all this garbage correctly so I’m going to give you a “hyperlink”, you may remember them. all you need to do is put your cursor, or “mouse”, over the link and pull the trigger till it goes click. on to the music….

The White Panda

“Pandamonium” is the White Panda’s 3rd album, featuring 40 tracks packed into a 51 minute mash-up. If sampling is your vice, this will hit that spot for you.

Panda Nation! They’re back with their newest album “Pandamonium” for your listening pleasure. As with the last album, you get to name your price for it. Simply click the Buy Now button and enter in whatever amount you feel like.

Released 3/1/11



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